Re: JUST LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY ... fearing a great fall

Ed Conrad (
11 Dec 1996 13:03:24 GMT (Dan Barnes) wrote:

>In article <583tqg$>, says...
>> I only have a petrified gall bladder (with gallstone), a petrified lung,
>> a pair of petrified testacles and only one hemisphere of a petrified brain.
>From the lack of serious work Mr. Conrad has carried out on these finds I'm
>suprised only one of his hemisphere's is petrified
>I've got an open mind and I'm a trained geoarchaeologist but nothing
>I've seen has convinced me. If you want to be taken seriously (and sometimes
>I doubt this) then I can suggest a number of lines of inquiry you could pursue.
> What you fail to understand is that if everyone just agreed with the scientific
>norms of their day then we would still be drilling holes in peoples heads
>to let out evil spirits


THANKS a lot, buddy, for leaving the cat out of the bag.

How could you possibly know that, since nothing else seems
to be helping, clinics are being established all across the country
where surgeons will drill into howlers' heads to release the pressure
on their brains caused by their belief in the erroneous doctrine
of man's inhuman ancestry?

The Sugeon General had assured me the announcement of this
massive last-ditch project wouldn't be released until the Tuesday
after the Super Bowl (to garner sufficient media attention).

If I were a vengeful person, I'd wish that, while they're drilling the
hole in YOUR skull, there's a bit of rust on the bit.