Re: JUST LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY ... fearing a great fall

Dan Barnes (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 15:09:58 GMT

I know I've tried to avoid rising to Mr Conrad's bait but this quote (and I know he
likes quotes) did amuse me:

In article <583tqg$>, says...
> I only have a
>a petrified gall bladder (with gallstone), a petrified lung, a pair of
>petrified testacles an only one hemisphere of a petrified brain.
> -- Ed Conrad

>From the lack of serious work Mr. Conrad has carried out on these finds I'm
suprised only one of his hemisphere's is petrified.

Ed if you are serious then you are wasting a lot of your time (and everyone
elses) with your blitzing of news groups. There are better things you could be
doing to convince people. I've got an open mind and I'm a trained
geoarchaeologist but nothing I've seen has convinced me. If you want to be
taken seriously (and sometimes I doubt this) then I can suggest a number of
lines of inquiry you could pursue. What you fail to understand is that if everyone
just agreed with the scientific norms of their day then we would still be drilling
holes in peoples heads to let out evil spirits. As Chris Stringer found out in
1974, when he started to change our view of modern human origins, the road
isn't smooth and the arguements can be fierce (and still are) but if you have a
good body of evidence then at least you can start fighting your corner. Later new
techniques and lines of inquiry may prove you right. At least it would be a better
use of your time than you are currently using it for.