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9 Dec 1996 20:41:43 GMT

In article <58bet6$>, Douglas Kihn) writes:
|> Jupiter! I'm searching for books/articles/info regarding that amazing
|> era when finally after 100,000 years in this physical form, we
|> accumulated enough surplus food to create the material conditions that
|> encouraged the development of greed, theft, war, classes, slavery, ie.
|> civilization. In Europe/Near East 4500-3500BC; Crete/India/China
|> 2000-1500BC; America perhaps widely scattered times and places and
|> degrees. The only two books I've found that really address this are:
|> "The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State" by
|> Friedrich Engels; "The Chalice and the Blade" by Riane Eisner (1987).
|> Does anyone know of any research that supports/refutes/explores this
|> area? Post to newsgroup or personal email is appreciated. Thanks.

If engels and eisler are your primary sources for researching the
key cultural transitions of human history, I would strongly suggest
you expand your bibliography. Here are a few suggestions:

_the emergance of society_, by pfeiffer. Looks at cultural transitions
towards greater social complexity in a wide variety of places and
times. Published in the 70's, but still contains valuable information.

_the masks of god_, joseph campbell. more than just a survey of human
religion and mythology, the 4 volumes examine all of human culture,
from hunter-gatherers to the late 20th century.

_cambridge encyclopedia of archaeology_; good surveys of archaeology

_penguin atlas(es) of world history_; short, inexpensive summaries of
world history. A good start, and a handy reference.

Note: _the chalice and the blade_ should be taken with more than a few
grains of salt, and while engels had some good insights, there's been
a lot of water under the bridge in the last century. Pfeiffer gives an
excellent summary of archaeological and anthropological research.

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