Re: Suppose this frickin' nincompoop is proven to be correct and proves we're dead wrong?

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8 Dec 1996 11:03:25 -0800

In article <589066$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
> (Troy Messer) wrote (to sci.anthropology.paleo):
>> For those of you that bemoan this moron posting his diatribes,
>>relax. He provides us a lot of entertainment. First there is the crap
>>that he comes with as fact. Secondly, and more importantly, are the
>>responses to his nonsense. They show a great deal of wit and creativity.
>They sure do, Troy!
>But, quite frankly, while I'm having a few laughs and enjoying the
>``entertainment," I can't help admitting -- just between the two of us
>-- that I'm getting scared stiff.

Notice how Ed projects. A sign of a mental disability.

>Suppose this frickin' nincompoop is correct? Suppose he's proven
>right? Suppose he proves that all of us all wrong?

Delusion of grandure, another sign.

>They say, ``He, who laughs last, laughs best"
>Hmmm! I wonder if Ed Conrad is going to have the last laugh?

Refers to himself in the third person.

Anybody need more convincing that Ed is metally ill?

>Oh, God forbid!

No doubt, what a waste of neurons. :(

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