Re: Suppose this frickin' nincompoop is proven to be correct and proves we're dead wrong?

Ed Conrad (
13 Dec 1996 12:35:57 GMT

Karl Kluge <> wrote:

> (Ed Conrad) writes:

>> (Troy Messer) wrote (to sci.anthropology.paleo):
>> > For those of you that bemoan this moron posting his diatribes,
>> >relax. He provides us a lot of entertainment. First there is the crap
>> >that he comes with as fact. Secondly, and more importantly, are the
>> >responses to his nonsense. They show a great deal of wit and creativity.
>> They sure do, Troy!
>> But, quite frankly, while I'm having a few laughs and enjoying the
>> ``entertainment," I can't help admitting -- just between the two of us
>> -- that I'm getting scared stiff.
>> Suppose this frickin' nincompoop is correct? Suppose he's proven
>> right? Suppose he proves that all of us all wrong?
>> They say, ``He, who laughs last, laughs best"
>> Hmmm! I wonder if Ed Conrad is going to have the last laugh?
>> Oh, God forbid!


>Great. Now Conrad is sufficiently gone into schizophrenia to start
>talking about himself in the third person.


You ain't seen nothin' yet!
Do you realize my schizophrenia is so far advanced that I can even
talk about myself in the FOURTH person.
In fact, I'm planning to hold a roundtable discusson in which all four
participants will be ME.

One ME obviously will be ME. One other ME will be Andrew MacRae.
Another ME will be Ted Holden. And the fourth ME will be Carl Sagan
who will open the discussion by stating:

``Millions upon millions upon millions of
years ago . . . "

As can be expected, we'll discuss some very controversial topics --
but don't expect any harsh words, temper tandrums and name-calling.

THAT would be physically impossible, Karl, since all four MEs will be