Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (
Tue, 03 Dec 96 22:56:49 GMT

Problem is, there are many many many newsreaders, almost as many as
unsubstantiated or tiring claims (which tend to be the same). I was
going to post how I do it in my newsreader (NewsExpress 2.0: Open the
article you want to block off, like Conrad, or Whitaker, or Elijah, or
whoever drives you nuts, and then, from the menu, click Article/Add
killfile , and then you select if you want to get rid of the subject,
author, any of those, etc.).

Try the following:

1. Help menu
3. Ask your favorite computer geek around.
4. Change newsreader to something that may give you this capacity.

It can be done in any serious newsreader. And it really makes a


P.S. I do know that this post does not quite belong here but in or whatever it is called. However, it is just one more little
out-of-place posting which, by indirect ways, may even contribute to the
quality of the discussion in these 3 newsgroups.

Domingo Martinez-Castilla