Re: ritual destruction

John Konopak (
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 17:29:37 -0800

Halloff Lisa wrote:
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> > what is the name of the ritual done by an eskimo/indian group in the
> > northwest US? i know it involves the destruction of property but i
> > can't recall its name or why they do it. please message me at
> > thanks in advance.
> >
> Potlatch?

I'll second that. "Potlatch" it is, as I recall. But didn't it
also include not only ritual destruction but the equally ritualized
distribution of of the surplus accrued by the chief or hetman, who
demosntrated his superiority and therefore his right to retain his
superiority by the willingness to, and the willfulness of, dispossess
himself of material goods? That's a question?