Re: Stop this thread please Re: CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT? How ridiculous!

Ed Conrad (
30 Nov 1996 14:31:11 GMT (Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:

>Ed Conrad is at it with a new non-theory. He proposes that something did not
>happen, and this time he does it in a very unusual way, assuming that the
>crossing happened after some "tribal" leader decided to go to America in a
>given day. No comments.

>Please stop this thread. It goes nowhere as stated. If he has some
>alternative to the crossing, other than his 500 million year coal skull (about
>which we already know enough, so do not push it), it may be valid for him to
>post something.

>Between him and that Bob guy of PC fame, we are losing this forum. The best
>way to recover it is to ignore them and keep talking about what most people
>here are interested on.

>They are becoming experts into irking some well-intentioned people into
>following them up and providing them with ego trips, I suppose.

> Thanks, Domingo.


You stand corrected!
I never once stated that my petrified human skull embedded in the
boulder -- and other petrified human, non-human and large-land animal
bones or tusks -- were 500 million years old.

This is quite an exaggeration on your part.

Being found between anthracite seams in Carboniferous-dated strata,
they would have to be ONLY as old as the geological dating of the coal
formations which, according to all of the scientific textbooks, is a
minimum of 280 million years.

Of course, since science goes one step farther and agrees that
anthracite is the oldest coal, datings of 320 million years and more
have been noted for anthracite in various textbooks.

But, 500 million years, Domino! Better watch it or -- like Pinochio --
your nose will start to grow.

As for the theory of man first arriving in the Americas via a
prehistoric journey across the Bering Strait, it is nothing more than
a flight of fantasy in a feeble attempt to explain man's presence here
eons upon eons ago.

Undoubtedly, this absurd nonsense was presented -- and, rather
amazingly, swallowed up as reality without much of an argument --
because of establishment science's urgent need to relegate The Cradle
of Mankind to Africa or Asia.

It makes about as much sense as my nonsensical theory -- if, for a
change, I'm entitled to one.

I contend the TRUE Cradle of Mankind was North Jersey, just west of
Hoboken. What happened, a small band of the earliest ``Americans" --
annoyed about the congestion, the smog and the violence -- decided to
flee in the middle of the night.

They packed their animal-skin bags, traveled north, swam across the
Bering Strait and helped populate the rest of the world.