Re: Stop this thread please Re: CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT? How ridiculous!

Phillip E Werst (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 14:55:28 -0700

On 30 Nov 1996, Ed Conrad wrote:

> (Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:
> >Ed Conrad is at it with a new non-theory. He proposes that something did not
> >happen, and this time he does it in a very unusual way, assuming that the
> >crossing happened after some "tribal" leader decided to go to America in a
> >given day. No comments.
> >Please stop this thread. It goes nowhere as stated. If he has some
> >alternative to the crossing, other than his 500 million year coal skull (about
> >which we already know enough, so do not push it), it may be valid for him to
> >post something.
> >Between him and that Bob guy of PC fame, we are losing this forum. The best
> >way to recover it is to ignore them and keep talking about what most people
> >here are interested on.
> >They are becoming experts into irking some well-intentioned people into
> >following them up and providing them with ego trips, I suppose.
> > Thanks, Domingo.
> Domingo:
> You stand corrected!
> I never once stated that my petrified human skull embedded in the
> boulder -- and other petrified human, non-human and large-land animal
> bones or tusks -- were 500 million years old.
> This is quite an exaggeration on your part.
> Being found between anthracite seams in Carboniferous-dated strata,
> they would have to be ONLY as old as the geological dating of the coal
> formations which, according to all of the scientific textbooks, is a
> minimum of 280 million years.
> Of course, since science goes one step farther and agrees that
> anthracite is the oldest coal, datings of 320 million years and more
> have been noted for anthracite in various textbooks.
> But, 500 million years, Domino! Better watch it or -- like Pinochio --
> your nose will start to grow.
> As for the theory of man first arriving in the Americas via a
> prehistoric journey across the Bering Strait, it is nothing more than
> a flight of fantasy in a feeble attempt to explain man's presence here
> eons upon eons ago.
> Undoubtedly, this absurd nonsense was presented -- and, rather
> amazingly, swallowed up as reality without much of an argument --
> because of establishment science's urgent need to relegate The Cradle
> of Mankind to Africa or Asia.
> It makes about as much sense as my nonsensical theory -- if, for a
> change, I'm entitled to one.
> I contend the TRUE Cradle of Mankind was North Jersey, just west of
> Hoboken. What happened, a small band of the earliest ``Americans" --
> annoyed about the congestion, the smog and the violence -- decided to
> flee in the middle of the night.
> They packed their animal-skin bags, traveled north, swam across the
> Bering Strait and helped populate the rest of the world.
One thing about Ed is, he has quite a vivid imagination. Thank you Ed,
you gave me a good laugh.