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: >I would never say that coercion has not been used to deny many people
: >the opportunities they had every right to. I do say that the coercive
: >measures that used government to impose more coercion on society, in order
: >to "right the balance" were worse than fruitless, they have degraded
: >the situation.

: The efforts to right wrongs done to minorities (and particularly African
: Americans) by "coercion" have been effective, not "worse than fruitless".
: Minorities hold positions of power and authority in business, science and
: education because of egual opportunity laws and school enrollment policies,
: not because whites have recognized their equal value on an even playing field.
: I work and go to school and I can tell you that racism and oppression are as
: real as ever ... minorities and women have to work harder and demand more than
: priveledged whites ... and there are such things as priveledged whites ...
: priveledged by virtue of their connections by birth or education or the
: accident of connections.

This is tripe of the worst sort. The "privilaged ones " now are the
minorities! Look at the entrance scores to the better universities, a survey
schools like Berkeley to MIT show that the mean SAT-point difference from
whites is 180 SAT points. The range is 271 for Rice and 95 for Harvard. The
same holds true for grad school and guess who gets the scholarships! Once out
of school, minorities are scooped up first and advanced first (affirmative
discrimination). It is interesting to note that in families where both
parents are college-educated and both work, black families make more money
than white families (Sowell Civil Rights pp. 80-81) and this was 13 years
ago! Recently (NYT Nov. 9, '94.) I read "Minorities and Women Win Airwaves
"The FCC activily sought to encourage companies owned by minorities and
woman. The commission set aside 10 licenses - two of the six being awarded in
each of the five regions - for bidding by what it called 'designated
entities,' and gave those companies financial incentives. Depending on their
seize and ownership structure, such companies were eligible for discounts as
great as 40% from their nominal bids and were allowed to pay for their
liscenses on an installment basis over 10 years." (p. C6) This is but a
single example of the various "set aside" progams for minorities. In reality
it is racial and gender discrimination without merit.

Other than reverse discrimination, the only "racism and oppression" extent now
is in the liberation theoloogy industry.

: [more deletions]
: >You don't have to emulate the people (whatever their skin color) who
: >have some, by gaining a higher business position, demonstrated ability to
: >produce for and profit from society? That is an example of the classist
: >biggotry that set up many for a fall during the last 30 years! The "white
: >upper class" had many offspring who "partied hearty", you're right. A
: >horrible proportion of those people are now wondering why they aren't
: >nearly as well off as they, and their "upper class" parents, expected.
: >Sure, some got by anyway, and yes the changes in the marketplace have been
: >rapid, but the refusal to aquire the basic skills needed in the
: >marketplace is almost as damaging to the advancement of a scion of the
: >"upper classes" as to the child of the poorest black (latino, hmong, ...)
: >ghetto dweller.

: You're wrong, Pioneer Tom. Minorities aren't "[refusing] to aquire the basic
: skills ...", they are being *denied* them.

Again another bit of agit-prop. The Feb. '92 Scientific American had an
interesting article, "Indochinese Refugee Families and Academic Achievement"
"Many refugees from Sotheast Asia arrived in the U.S. with little more than
the clothes on their backs and with no exposure to Western culture or
knowledge of the English language. Yet their children display stunning
scholastic achievement in American schools." It should be pointed out that
these children went to inner city schools where they were treated as a
dispised minority ("all the children attended schools in low-income,
metrpolitan areas - environs not known for outstanding academic records." p.
38) and were themselves poor.

Clearly, whatever is happening to the other minorities, they are doing it to
themselves. Opportunity is there, only they have a different agenda (one that
has been taught to them by their "leaders")

:I don't know how close you have
: come to an inner city school (or an inner city, for that matter) but the
: resources, opportunities and environment are not conducive to social
: advancement and position. Oh, and the scions? I have no sympathy for *their*
: problems. I just see it as chickens coming home to roost, you know?

"Coming home to roost"? A self engendered result of a program of "equal
results" based on race and gender. You and people like you are the problem.
The Indochinese refugees illustrate this. I guess they had yet to hear the
victim/oppressor, can't-do-whitie-is keeping-us-down, dogma (theology).

It is of course heartening to see people fighting against racism and
discrimination using the same tools they condemn (it's all for the cause,
don't you know). The essentia of PC. We can start the crit with the
stereotype, "white people", said in one breath.

: >Please do not impute attitudes to me that I have fought all my life.

: I don't know what you have fought all of your life. I know of only what you
: write here, in this newsgroup.


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