Re: INFO REQUEST: Human adornment practices

Luana Lisandro (
30 Dec 1994 13:00:33 GMT

Billy Schmidt ( wrote:

: I am looking for information pertaining to humans and their
: personal decorating of their bodies. Any references or
: distinguished works on this topic would be appreciated.

Here are a few references:

Cordwell, Justine M. & Ronald A. Schwarz 1979 _The Fabrics of Culture:
The Anthropology of Clothing and Adornment_ The Hague: Mouton Publisher

Schneider, Jane 1987 "The Anthropology of Cloth" in _Annual Review of
Anthropology_ vol 16:409-48.

Weiner, Annette B. & Jane Schneider (ed) 1989 _Cloth and Human
Experience_ Washington and London: Smithsonian Institution Press.

Hope that helps!


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