Publius (publius@gate.net)
22 Dec 1994 23:38:20 GMT

While driving around today, I saw a bumper sticker: "Visualize
World Peace" and it set me to thinking.
Christ said there would be "...wars and rumours of wars..."
till the end days but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.
I think there is little hope of achieving Peace until we achieve
a kind of 'sameness' of the Human Race. And since - according to
the Materialists (they're all Atheists) - the world is populated by
the 'Rich' and the 'Poor', we would have to either wipe out the
'Poor' and repopulate the World with the 'Rich' or vice versa.
Admitting that Christ was right (he being a Son of God) I had no
problem visualizing Peace if Organic Life - 'Man' - was displaced
by Inorganic Life - 'Machine'. I can see 'Machine', with our help
at first (and later wiping us out as irrelevant) being able, with
its 'Artificial Intelligence' (our words, not 'Machine's) to renew
itself and multiply abundantly. - and in due course achieving
not only World Peace, but also Everlasting Life! PUBLIUS