Re: Zapatistas and Peasant Rebellions

13 Dec 1994 06:09 CST

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>BENTHALL) writes:
>This rebellion is an extension of peasant rebellion which has been in
>effect for over 25 years maybe back to the early 1900's with little change
>in the real power from one revolution to the next. The Zapatistas have
>incorporated their own struggle along with the struggle of all Mexican
>indigenous tribes to this battle. This has the potential of widespread
>disruption throughout Mexico especially if the students become involved as
>they did in the '70s. At that time the government was more repressive with
>adequate support from the Nixon administration. I'm not sure how our
>government would respond today but state governments especially in the
>border states would be appalled by the number of forced immigrants from
>such a struggle. May you live in interesting times.
>Lawrence G. Leichtman, M.D. Genetics Division EVMS Norfolk.

One of the first of these rebellions, and the largest by far, was that of
Cancuc in 1712!