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Jonathan E. Feinstein (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 11:59:09 GMT

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I'm not sure if mny other message posted. It shouldn't have, I wasn't
finished. In any case, you made your case well, but I hope you'll forgive
me if I wait for the fossil evidence to back you up. I will keep and open
mind and ask one question in the meantime...

>RE BIPEDALISM. There is a growing realisation that bipedalism cannot
>have evolved on the savannah because it predated by millions of years
>the emergence of the savannah ecosystem as we know it. Tim White's
>recent discovery of Lucy's ancestor A ramidus reinforces this. Ramidus
>was putatively bipedal (v. foramen magnum) and found in sediments in
>forested environment in Afar. Earlier this year K.D.HUNT revealed that
>the occasional bipedalism of savannah chimpanzees was observed only
>when they were in the wooded part of their range, not on the grassland.

If chimpanzees exhibit occasional bipedalism in a forrested environment,
isn't it possible that this adaptation in hominids may have been more due
to life in the forest, rather than an aquatic adaptation?



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