Re: Mortal Combat II and violence

Paul J. Gans (
17 Dec 1994 21:06:39 GMT

ABOY ( wrote:

: How many people have played these games? I myself have a terrible
: weakness for them (although I don't condone the violence) and after
: playing a video game for awhile find that my thoughts are completely
: disjointed and jumpy. I seems to me that we're teaching our children a
: new way to process information-- quick visuals, extracted from context--
: no wonder so many of these kids have A.D.D. Last year I heard a story that
: older people didn't like the "Burger King T.V." adds on television because
: they couldn't understand them-- apparently they couldn't process the
: information quickly enough.
: The rapidity with which a single generation can assimilate a new mode of
: thought which is incomprehensible to their parents says a lot about the
: plasticity of our collective intellect and points out the differential
: rate of development for culture vs biology.

My 2 cents: Is this a new mode of thought or an old one being
brought to the surface again. I can see a great survival advantage
"out in the wild" to quickly noting possible threats and to quickly
be able to respond.

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