Mortal Combat II and violence

Patsy E (
5 Dec 1994 19:40:13 -0500

did anyone else hear the talk at AAA by H. Page on Mortal Combat. I was
very impressed by her combination of student research projects with
substantive coordinated investigation. Essentially, what she described
was what I believe was initally a student suggestion into a full fledged
team approach at studying an issue. There were participant observations
in several types of typical situations, arcade and home play, recordation
of both behavioral and physiological data about the players, detailed
descriptions and framing of the components of the game, elicitations of
narratives about participation in the games, etc.... the thing grew and
engaged the interest of a number of students who worked in groups to
devise the aspects of the project.... Now, I may be extrapolating from
what I heard but I'd like to hear from some student who actually
participated. The pedagogical aspects of such a group activity were
exciting, especially as it was a lower level undergraduate course. Seems
like it would have very effectively illustrated the utility of the
anthropological perspective on issues.

As a second thread, the idea of looking at the video culture of children
and young adults seems like a very important area for research.. It would
be terrible if the only research done about "toys" was by their
marketers.... Comments?