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> > There is no solid proof that humans have ever consumed other humans as a
> > protein source. So, the idea that humans taste like pork is rather far
> > fetched....
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> > I do know though that bear meat is notoriously tough and grainy as well as
> > not very tasty. The reason for this is that they are omnivorous. Given
> > the fact that humans are omnivorous, it seems to follow that we would
> > taste like other omnivors. That is, not very good. Notice that all of
> > the major meat staples are herbivorous......
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I am also researching a book about central pennsylvania and a number of
sources refer to Indian tribes which consumed parts of their victims after
an attack. An early explorer to the region related that it- tasted like
bear meat except the hand was bitter and was not good for food.

Bill Sheaffer
Millersburg PA