Re: Anthropophagy

Thu, 15 Dec 1994 13:43:05 EWT

> I do know though that bear meat is nototriously tough and grainy as well as
> not very tasty. The reason for this is that they are omnivorous. Given the
> fact that humans are omnivorous, it seem to follow that we would

Somewhere I read that this is the reason why humans taste like pork. They
are omnivorous too, anyway (at least in a natural state). I think that the
same source said that human meat is somehow sweet (do not ask me, I never
tried). I thought it was in an article about the football team lost in Chili,
but I must be wrong.
>From all this I conclude that maybe our taste depends on our diet, so a vege-
tarian might taste very different from a "omnivorous" human.
Anyway, we can try: we offer to different people from different cultures to try