Hardwick's Nonsense

HUGH JARVIS (v129qp43@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu)
Thu, 15 Dec 1994 01:07:00 GMT

My continued apologies to all. Hardwick seems to be trying
to twist my words around again. He suggests I am suggesting
that Dr. Gordon at UWA is guilty of sexual improprieties.
That is false. He also suggests that I am suggesting that
Dr. Bowdler is guilty of similar impropriety. All of that
is for the courst to decide, if called upon. What I was
referring to, in, I will add, a PRIVATE message which
Hardwick made public withoput my permission, was that the
two people he quoted previously from UWA who felt that
Dr. David Rindos was justly served by his denial of tenure,
had been shown in subsequent documents accessed through the
Freedom of Information Act, to have been operating
inapprpirately, for a variety of reasons, mostly hinging
around the fact that the UWA has been hiding documents, even
from itself. For those that are interested, there is a whole
mess of new information beginning to surface on this whole
sorry affair. I suggest you contact me and I will pass along
what I can as it becomes available. If enough people so
desire, I may be able to post a summary to the whole group.

Hugh Jarvis