Re: Anthropophagy

14 Dec 1994 22:54 CST

In article <>, (JAMES BENTHALL) writes...
>The idea of cannibalism dates back to the Greeks, and probably before that.
>It is used to differentiate "us" from "other" by creating a *boundary* of
>unacceptable behavior. When Coloumbus stepped out of his ship he was looking
>for three things--cannibals, Amazons, and gold. He found all three in short
>order. Another good source for the classical origins of this "boundary
>separation" is a book called _The Fall of Natural Man_ by Hayden (?).

His name is Anthony Pagden. Some other sources are _The Man-Eating Myth:
Anthropology and Anthropophagy_ by W. Arens, and _Anthropology and the
Colonial Encounter_ ed. Talal Asad.

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