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11 Dec 1994 12:05:08 -0500

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Getting back to control theory, one of the best ways to minimise both lag
and instability is by a process called *feed-forward*, where the system
will look ahead to *predict* future needs, and implements corrective
measures ahead of time. This is where rational planning comes in. Of
course, planning only works if some kind of predictive ability exists.
Feed-forward based on inaccurate prediction can be worse than no
feed-forward at all, but if it is based on accurate prediction, it is very

I had not thought to go this far with the discussion, but I agree! The
examples of bad planning abound in recent history. Some indication of
the best mechanisms for good "feed-forward" adaptation may well be
built on the internet itself. Please, we are counting on social science
types to give some effective input. Don't stop growing now! There is
hope! The Delta Clipper spaceship is now in the works at Boeing
and McDonnel-Douglas and looks to give us the elbow room of cheap
access to space within ten years. Adaptation to a Communications
Intensive, Technological Industrial Environment (CITIE) can be done.
It will take all four levels of investment to do it; Materials, Knowledge,
Time, and Attention. Anthropology can provide ESSENTIAL knowledge!

Tom Billings