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Mon, 5 Dec 1994 07:54:59 GMT

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> I would like to suggest that the model put forward by Marvin Harris
> in his popularisation "OUR KIND" may specify this "difference" so
> fully that it obviates the need for "Kurgan Influence" at all, much
> less invasion. This model notes that societies in which warfare,
> usually related to land scarcity, is at a "high" level, you often
> find that the instruments of warfare, and male muscle advantage in
> their use, allows and to some extent encourages the domination of
> society by those male warriors.
> If the "Kurgans" were indeed nomads, then even on the steppe the
> competition for the best grazing lands could become particularly
> intense at the slightest drought, i.e., very often. If this resulted
> in extreme male
> dominance of their society this might have been transmitted by raiding
> or trading. Even more to the point of this model, however, is the
> real possibility that land scarcity among the settled European
> agriculturalists would only be put off, not eliminated by the higher
> productivity/acre of agricultural technology.

This was in response to my post. I wouldn't want to disagree much, your
comments seem plausible. But, from what I have read, I think that "Kurgan
influence" did exist, e.g. changes in burial patterns, physical changes
in graves, not just in grave goods, and in other areas. "Influence", of
course, can come in many forms, from conquest to a desire to imitate people
who are successful. Especially if society is changing in the way you
suggest, people might want to follow many customs of neighbours who already
have a structure which one is moving towards.

Daniel Cohen