Re: hegemony and the polyphony of culture

Wing-Hoi Chan (
6 Dec 1994 22:20:54 GMT

: Thats hegemony. When the masses *believe*, without questioning, that the elite
: culture is superior then they have fallen into a hegemonic relationship. The
: internalization or acceptance of such a belief is what Gramsci called
: "ideological hegemony". A good example is Social Darwinism in America. Many

i am glad that some one finally responded.
but then i think the same problem comes up in your response:
belief in superiority of elite culture does not involve internalizing
elite culture. it may be phrase as internalization of that belief.
it comes down to believing that the elites are superior. in this kind
of argument that actual contents of elite culture does not matter at
all. i am not sure if people who invoke "hegemony" or "hegemonic
culture" actually meant what i just said. any further pointers?