Re: Is it NeanderTHals or NeanderTals??

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Tue, 06 Dec 1994 12:04:50 +1000

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: >Tal is German for Valley. Neandertal is the Neander Valley in
: >Northwestern Germany, where the original skull of Neandertal was
: >discovered. This is Anthro 1 stuff!
: Hey, give a break to those reading this group out of interest who
: happen _not_ to have taken anthropology in school! It's a fair
: question.
I agree, and as I recall my limited German, "valley" heisst *Thal* auf
Deutsch. However, it's pronounced "tal" as Hochdeutsch pronounces TH as a
hard T.

Go on, flame away (I don't have any German dictionaries nearby, and it's
15 years since I spoke or studied any German)

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