Info Discoidal/chunkee (chungke) stones
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 13:04:00

I am writing a research paper for a museum studies class at the University of
Northern Iowa and I would like info. on discoidal stones or chunkee stones as
they are also called. Chunkee stones resemble hockey pucks and range in size
from 3 in. to 12 in. in diameter. They were used in a game where the stones
were rolled and then men threw their spears to the point at which they thought
the stone would stop rolling.

I am trying to determine among other things, the spatial distribution of these
stones throughout the country. Are you familiar with these stones? Or have
you heard of them being found in your area? If yes, any info. you have would
be helpful. Specifically, what contexts were they found in, use wear,
dimensions, types of sites found at, have they ever been found in association
with burials and what time periods?

It is not necessary to respond to all of these questions, I would really just
like to know if you have heard of them in your area and to what frequency do
they occur in the arch. record.