Re: Question about Prehistoric Male Dominance

Fri, 2 Dec 1994 07:31:59 GMT

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> Marija Gimbutas developed the theory that Riane Eisler espouses, that
> paleolithic and neolithic societies lived in egalitarian societies.
> This theory also states that state of events lasted until patriarchal
> nomads from the steppes of Russia swept down and conquered peaceful
> societies. What I want to know is just how, exactly, did these
> patriarchal societies develop if equality and/or matriarchy is
> supposed to be the "natural" order?

And one ought to read Gimbutas rather than Eisler. Start with "The
Civilisation of the Goddess", not "The Language of the Goddess". She rather
overstates her case, but she does show a significant difference between
Old European cultures and the neighbouring Kurgan culture. Old Europe was
gradually Kurganised, but not necessarily by invasion.

Mallory's "In Search of the Indo-Europeans" (have I got the title right?)
is generally interesting, and treats Gimbutas critically but

One suggestion, very tentative, held by some people who have though hard
about the issue, is that nomadic herdsmen have a different relationship
to the world from settled people, and that this tilts the balance towards

Daniel Cohen