Your military . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Thu, 01 Dec 1994 04:33:43 GMT

Jim Jewett writes:

>The intial research (on what became the Internet, not what became
>usenet) was done by our military; they still have a presence.
>I would guess that they're reading for the same reason Marius or
>your are -- because they're interested, rather than as part of the

I reply:

The issue pertains rather to the propensity of some to e-mail abuse to
people in other countries, as US military personnel, and from their US
military sites. Sorry, but they just ain't allowed to do that sort of
thing in this country.

The basic research here was done in our Universities, and this end of
the bit of wire is being handled by AARNet, which is the Australian
Academic and Research Network; NOT the military.

We know that our Defence Department in Canberra hold something of a
watching brief on Internet traffic, but that is about the limit of
their involvement. Beyond that they are answerable to the Federal
Parliament through the relevant Minister.

Your mob are going way over the mark attempting to intervene in the
legitimate affairs of other nationals acting WITHIN their own national
boundaries, AND for that matter presuming to interfere in any way
whatsoever with what happens in the rest of the world.

They ought to be brought to attention, and told to shut the f**k up
else face disciplinary charges.

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