Re: Your military . . .

2 Dec 1994 12:58 CST

In article <>, (Gil Hardwick) writes...
>Jim Jewett writes:
>>The intial research (on what became the Internet, not what became
>>usenet) was done by our military; they still have a presence.
>>I would guess that they're reading for the same reason Marius or
>>your are -- because they're interested, rather than as part of the
>I reply:
>The issue pertains rather to the propensity of some to e-mail abuse to
>people in other countries, as US military personnel, and from their US
>military sites. Sorry, but they just ain't allowed to do that sort of
>thing in this country.
>The basic research here was done in our Universities, and this end of
>the bit of wire is being handled by AARNet, which is the Australian
>Academic and Research Network; NOT the military.

Actually, you might be surprised if you checked into the matter. Most
universities are complicit with the military in a number of covert operations.
I recall a good book I once read called _Universities in the Business of
Repression_ that dealt specifically with U.S. institutions involved in Latin
America. I forgot the author...nevertheless, I'm sure Aussies aren't totally
immune to this sort of thing.