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Daniel Rosenblatt (
6 Dec 1994 06:50:13 GMT

Tony Rumph ( wrote:
: Does anyone know of any articles or books dealing with personality
: and or personal development. I am writing a paper for my Cultural
: Anthropology class and could use some good research material.

: Thanks

Obviously, it's kind of a broad topic, and you'll have to narrow it
down. As a result, it's a bit difficult to know what you're after.
However I'll take a stab at it: assuming you are interested in
specifically anthropological approaches to psychological issues, you
could look at

White, Geoffrey & John Kirkpatrick Eds.
(1985) _Person Self & Experience: Exploring Pacific Ethnopsychologies.
Berkeley: U of California Press

Robert Levy has also written psychologicaly oriented ethnography (e.g.
_Tahitians_, Chicago: U of Chicago Press 1973) and Richard Schweder, a
psychologist at the U of C has explored cross cultural psych. I don't
have refs, but his books should be easy to find.
Hope this helps.

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