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Lyn Ryder (
1 Dec 1994 19:46:05 GMT

I would advise your friend or anybody NOT to go to University of
Idaho in Moscow. Terrible Anthropology Masters program when I was
there 10 years ago. I finally got so fed up, I walked without
my degree. I doubt it has improved one iota; lots of same people
there; one in particular who runs the show. I had a 3.95 GPA by
the way. Went to the Dean of Grad. School and complained without
naming names; he begged me to tell him who and which department; said
it was indeed ridiculous that it took the average MA student 5 years
to get through the two year program! He said he must not be doing a
good job as dean as he didn't know how bad things were; that to correct
them, he needed names from me. I wouldn't rock the boat - just walked.
What???? He's going to get rid of Mr. Big Grant-Getter???

Try WSU at Pullman. They had a half way decent program and competent

My $ .02 worth.

Lyn Ryder

> Thanks you!
> This will really help him get a place to start looking. If you do have
> those addresses of the Grad Studies office, admissions dept., ect. --
> please send them to me. I appreciate your help.
> LaDeana
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> > >Subject: Masters Programs in Anthro
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> > >A friend of mine who doesn't use the Internet needs some help. He is
> > >finishing his BA in anthro this spring and would like to attend grad
> > >school. He doesn't have a great GPA (because of laziness NOT lack of
> > >talent) but he did fine on his GREs. He is interested in staying in the
> > >Western U.S. but he is determined enough to get his masters that I think
> > >he will go anywhere. What are his chances? Anyone know about some good
> > >programs that will see past his GPA and give a chance?
> > >I would appreciate any info, opinions, advice you might have for him
> > >Thanks guys!
> > >LaDeana (
> >
> > LaDeana -
> >
> > California state universities will accept candidates for the Master's program
> > with a 3.0 gpa (you didn't say what your friend's gpa was) or "acceptable" GRE
> > scores. I'm in the program at California State University, Northridge and I
> > find it sufficiently challenging to recommend it. Master's degrees, of course,
> > do not open many doors, but there *is* a well respected CRM focus that could
> > lead to salvage/Resorce Management jobs, or of course the possibility of
> > teaching at Junior Colleges (difficult right now with all the unemployed phds)
> > or K through 12.
> >
> > I will supply specific requirements, addresses, etc. if you would like.
> >
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> > Regards, Richard
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