Marius' continuing dialogue

Gil Hardwick (
Mon, 28 Nov 1994 22:51:28 GMT

>Actually I spoke up for not censoring your presence on the net, which has
>caused me some E mail. I do believe that people should get their say as long
>as that expression is not damaging. I think you know all about that.

No, I don't know about that at all. How would I know?

>It seems that threats and violence are coming from your side. Not to me, of
>course, but to your fellow countrymen.

I am tracking down some of it this end, but there remains what your
military has to do with any of it. What are so many of them doing
lurking on the net, and why would any of them at all bother to mail

Finally, what are so very many Americans doing taking up posts in our
Universities, and why are we not allowed to study certain material?

I may not finally unravel the whole of this mess, but certainly I
shall uncover sufficient of it to at least get myself free.