Re: Marius' continuing dialogue

Marius Johnston (
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 08:35:05 GMT

Gil Hardwick ( opined:
: Marius:
: >Actually I spoke up for not censoring your presence on the net, which has
: >caused me some E mail. I do believe that people should get their say as long
: >as that expression is not damaging. I think you know all about that.

: Me:
: No, I don't know about that at all. How would I know?

: Marius:
: >It seems that threats and violence are coming from your side. Not to me, of
: >course, but to your fellow countrymen.

: Me:
: I am tracking down some of it this end, but there remains what your
: military has to do with any of it. What are so many of them doing
: lurking on the net, and why would any of them at all bother to mail
: me?

: Finally, what are so very many Americans doing taking up posts in our
: Universities, and why are we not allowed to study certain material?

: I may not finally unravel the whole of this mess, but certainly I
: shall uncover sufficient of it to at least get myself free.

OK Gil, I didn't respond to the last bit of nonsense with my name in the
subject line. It WAS email, however excerpted. This time I will.
Why are you doing this crap? You are wigging out. Reluctantly I am thinking
that Hugh is right (he IS the moderator after all).

Spare me


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