Re: female circumcision

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27 Nov 1994 21:59:46 -0700

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>>>I missed it... what is female circumcision anyway?
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>>Write the UN and ask them why they haven't funded
>>anti circumcision efforts in Africa yet?
>Have they funded that in the United States yet?
>Or is it that Americans know how to conduct themselves without
>the UN telling them? ...Unlike Africans of course.

Let me take this opportunity to express my disgust in this misapplication
of intercultural tolorance and cultural relativism. The women being
"circumcised" are suffering a major fitness impact and painful ordeal,
all to ease the paternity insecurities of men in their cultures.

People in anthropology all too often mistake the right to express oneself
with the right to mutilate and kill one's children. The global village
can afford multiple currencies of morality--but on torture, there should
be no rationalizations.

Talk about ivory tower bullshit.