Re: tattoo in western culture

christopher dore (
26 Nov 1994 19:48:18 GMT

janice butler ( wrote:
: I am interested in any information about anthropological work being done
: in the area of documentation of western tattooing. I am already aware
: of the work of people like Ed Hardy, what I am looking for is current
: work being done by anthropologists. As this is the area which I will
: likely concentrate upon, I would be interested in corresponding with
: anyone with similiar interests.

: best wishes and intent, and may your god go with you,

: stace maples

I believe that there was a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation
done on U.S. tattooing during the mid 1980's at the University of
Pennsylvania (American Civilization Department). I know that it was a
woman who was working on it but I can't recall her name.

Christopher Dore