Caveat Hardwick

Wed, 7 Dec 1994 05:17:00 GMT

Well, dear Gil Hardwick, master of disinformation is
at it again. I won't bore you with the details, but
just advise that anyone who feels that there may be
real substance behind his statements should contact
some of the other people who have seen what he has
been up to, both on anthro-l, and at his ex-alma mater,
the University of Western Australia. While Hardwick
quotes two people, ask him what the other dozen plus
said, and why a large group signed a petition
protesting the university's action against David Rindos.
Ask Hardwick for these details, because I think you will
then see a whole bunch of excuses why he doesn't want
to tell you exactly what they said. No doubt he will
say they all don't know what they are talking about....

And for those who missed it the last time I said it,
Hardwick is more than welcome back on anthro-l,
provided he agrees to practice a minimum level of
common courtesy to the other members of the list.
He also must desist from defaming people. These
rules are common to most, if not all lists. No one
else has ever had a problem with these concerns.

Sort to have to keep troubling everyone with this.

Hugh Jarvis
anthropologist and co-list-owner of anthro-l