fieldwork in institutions/schools/organizations

aa (n/a)
Mon, 05 Dec 1994 10:01:36 +0100

I will be doing my thesis on an international school, the Red Cross Nordic
United World College in Norway. Th United World Colleges is an
international organization which seeks to promote international
understanding throgh learning. Young people from all over the world live
and learn together for two years, in an intense and active school

The college is opening in the fall of 1995 and I will be there for the
first school year. I have yet to narrow down the focus for my thesis. But
what I am looking for at this stage, is some good literature on the kind
of fieldwork I will be doing. It will necessarily be quite different from
the Malinowski style. Does anybody have any suggestions? I would be happy
to hear from you!


Brita Eide
University of Oslo