Re: Is it NeanderTHals or NeanderTals??

Fri, 2 Dec 1994 05:00:55 GMT

The original (correct?) German pronunciation is Neandertal. I have
a feeling that pronunciation depends (a) on where you were educated
and (b) your political correctness factor. Isn't the scientific
name _Homo sapiens neandertalensis_? That's why I tend to use the
tal pronunciation.

Here's another one: is it Cro-Magnon or Cro-Manon (like filet mignon)?
Going by the original French, the "g" shouldn't be heard and the "n"
pronounced like it had a tilde (~) over it. I get around this one
by saying _Homo sapiens sapiens_ or "modern humans."

Stephanie Folse
University of Denver
Dept. of Anthropology

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Michael Rogero Brown (Sys Admin) <> wrote:
>Ok, I have a question that's been bugging me recently:
>What is the correct name for the Neanderthals?
>Is it Neanderthals or Neandertals?
> ^^ ^
>I grew up with the term 'Neanderthal', but lately I seen and heard
>'Neandertal' alot. Is the 'tal' version more correct or is it that some
>just perfer it over 'thal'? [personally I can't stand the term 'Neandertal',
>everytime I hear it it just grates on me]
>Well, which is it?
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