Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Herb Huston (
29 Aug 1996 21:15:48 -0400

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In article <501fsf$>, Bryant <> wrote:
}In article <4vtf7i$>,
}Christopher C. Wood <> wrote:
}>It was an 8 to 5 vote of the New Mexico State Board of Education,
}>which rejected a move to specify the teaching of evolution in the
}>guidelines it sets for the state's public schools, in meetings on
}>August 20 and 21, 1996. Says the Sante Fe New Mexican.
}>So this does not directly call for the teaching of creationism, it
}>simply removes "evolution" from the concepts that are to be covered in
}>biology courses in New Mexico. At least, that's the way I read the
}That's correct. Thanks for the clarification. I did correct my
}angry announcement a few days ago, but wasn't sure everybody got it.
}I over-reacted intially, but do object to the removal of a requirement to
}teach our kids the central organizing principle of biology.
}Just seems to me that we should teach the state of the science as seen by its
}practicioners, rather than allowing ignorant teachers to editorialize instead
}of teach. It's like letting Buddhists teach their "version" of physics
}for the sake of "fairness"... what's fair about misinforming children?

Here's a strategy to consider:

1. Get the names and addresses of the majority members.

2. Go to the library.

3. Find Theodosius Dobzhansky, "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in
the Light of Evolution," _American Biology Teacher_ 35:125-9 (1973).

4. Make eight copies.

5. Mail one to each majority board member.

6. Suggest to others that they do the same.

-- Herb Huston