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Wed, 28 Aug 1996 06:49:10 -0800 wrote:
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> >This makes perfect sense to me. It's exactly the way I feel. The
> >notion that one bears guilt for the acts of one's ancestors (or, in
> >Matt's case, people who weren't his ancestors at all, but who were
> >merely of approximately the same race) is absurd. We all as individuals
> >have more than enough guilt for our personal actions or inactions, and
> >we don't have to take on some extra guilt for something over which we
> >had no control.
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> > Steve Barnard
> Extra guilt? Was there a weight limit on guilt legislated
> recently? 500lbs I hope.
> We praise, give credit and hold up to the world the good deeds
> of our ancestors and say that we are proud to be their
> decendants but when the bad deeds of our ancestors are put forth
> we turn our backs on them and run away. When we run away who
> will make ammends? Shame!
> -Paloma

Praise or condemn the deeds of your ancestors all you like, but if you
try to take credit for them then you're trying to steal something you
have no right to. Shame!

If you say you are proud to a descendant of your ancestors, then that
automatically implies that, somewhere, someone else should be ashamed to
a decendent of *their* ancestors. Shame!

I'd like to see less false pride and more personal responsibility.

Steve Barnard