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28 Aug 1996 07:09:02 -0600

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>principles that say it is good to go against biology. For example, if
>men are genetically better at math, what's the point of making a
>special effort to encourage women to go into the field. Doesn't this
>encourage a misallocation of talent?

Nah. It makes a lot more sense, if you're into discouraging children
from the difficult, to tell both boys and girls who score below a certain
point on their spatial/quantitative IQ tests to become English majors.

Don't forget: the distributions we're talking about overlap
*considerably*; it's just that the mean for men is slightly to the right
of women's on math IQ tests. The reverse is true with verbal IQ--women's
mean is to the right of men's... but I don't think we should tell boys to
never try to be writers.