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28 Aug 1996 07:27:25 -0600

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>>>> I live in a small mining town in Pennsylvania.
>>>> For the past hundred years, "the best and the brightest"
>>>> of each high school graduating class ( some 30-40% )
>>>> have left home to seek their fortunes "in the city".
>What makes you assume that the people who leave are "the best and the
>brightest"? Maybe these are the very ones that aren't imaginative
>enough to figure out how to make a living in their hometown.

Low IQ scores in rural Alabama were accounted for as the original poster
suggests--higher IQ folks, who are more upwardly mobile, head for the
better paying cities.

This doesn't, of course, mean that Alabamans are dullards or that the
mean IQ in the rural south is dropping. There's something more than
genes at play, here, because the mean IQ goes up while the folks with the
lowest IQs continue to produce more children.

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