Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Bruce Scott TOK (
27 Aug 1996 15:53:02 GMT

David Jenkinson ( wrote:

: Give some thought to what a "Literal" Biblical slant might have on ANY
: field of science. We all have a little snicker at the Biology
: problems. Have you given any thought to say ---- Astronomy? What?
: Noboby has attacked Astronomy? Check again! The Bible says (For
: those who want to look at It literally) The universe created only some
: six to eight thousand years ago. Now, either our understand of the
: speed of light is wrong or no object can be more than 8000 light-years
: away! In either case science has no bases in reality. I could go on
: to EVERY FIELD. We have the real potential for the new DARK AGES!!
: If you remember your history correctly a staunch religious group lead
: the first DARK AGES. Most of our leading minds of the times were
: silenced in one way or another. While we laugh and make jokes about
: their stupidity they have the courts passing laws.

This of course is a natural result if the ongoing attacks against
science from, among others, the postmodern movement have their way.

Once they convince people that scientific inquiry is merely another way
of mythmaking, people will go back to their roots. Maybe the
postmodernists will be the first to get burned.

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