Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

John Rice Cole (
27 Aug 1996 23:14:37 GMT

Bob Michaelson ( wrote:
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: > (Bryant) wrote:
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: >>'Sad to announce that the New Mexico state gov has decided to exclude the
: >>teaching of evolutionary theory in state schools, in favor of creationist
: >>curricula.
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: >> I thought the supreme court had dealt with this horse shit. I find it
: >>very disturbing that "politically/religiously correct" biology will now
: >>be taught in my state in place of the science of biology.
: >>
: >> Is biblical Algebra next?!
: >>
: >>Bryant
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: >Is this really the way it sounds? Or is it limited to human evolution
: >(which would IMO be bad enough)? And since I'm sure (or at least I hope)
: >there will be challenges, is there a time frame for its implementation?
: >
: >Details, if they available, please!
: >
: >Susan

Any example of this kind of thing is troubling. However, accordcxing to the
news coverage *I* read, this was an attempt by a state schoolboard BLOCKED by
the governor--and thus not a successful takeover----yet!!

--John R. Cole
PS--check info at on the Web for updates on "hotspots" and
the like.