Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Christopher C. Wood (
27 Aug 1996 00:27:38 GMT

In article <4vqg47$>, (Randy M. Wadkins) writes:

|> I really hope you're exaggerating here. But...maybe it's
|> time for a real Scopes II trial.

You're about sixteen years late. The Supreme Court (of the United
States, for those who get touchy about USA-centrisms.) decided, 7 to 2,
that teaching Creationism as science in publically funded schools in
the USA was an unconstitutional violation of the first amendment.
That's where it stands, until another case gets to that august body.

|> This has been brewing for a while. I think the creationists don't
|> realize that they're waking the sleeping giant that is the
|> scientific community. It should be great fun to watch Phillip
|> Johnson, Michael Behe, and David Berlinski crushed like the bugs
|> they are in a public squishing.

Would be worth watching. Maybe not on pay-per-view...


Speaking only for myself, of course.
Chris Wood