Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 16:34:40 GMT

Matt Beckwith <> wrote:

>So it isn't that cuckolds are superior by virtue of being cuckolds, but
>that women sleep with men who are attractive to them, and the attractive
>men become cuckolds because so many women want them.

>Matt Beckwith

Am I misreading you, Matt. The cuckold is the husband, not
the man who commits adultery with the wife. A cuckold might
not be sexually active at all (if he isn't, who can blame
the wife?)

You make it sound like cuckolds are the men out sleeping
around 'because so many women want them.' The only reason I
can think of why a woman would want a cuckold is to have him
provide $$$ while she's having a roll in the hay with some
more attractive fellow. I really can't imagine any reason
why a man would want to be a cuckold.

Brenda "now if you had said 'roue' ..." Bass