Re: how many bastards are there, anyway?

Bryant (
26 Aug 1996 10:01:48 -0600

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Matt Beckwith <> wrote:
>So it isn't that cuckolds are superior by virtue of being cuckolds, but
>that women sleep with men who are attractive to them, and the attractive
>men become cuckolds because so many women want them.

Think so. Of course, they could be wearing two hats--having secured a
mate, they're seeking sex on the side, like males in all those bird
species we once thought were monogamous.

>So how would we get an attractive, faithful man? The cuckold would have
>to finally want more from a relationship, and realize that you can't get
>that without commitment.

A bitch, ain't it? Well, orgasm ain't necessary to conceive--it just
improves a fellow's odds when many guys' sperm are co-mingling in a gal.

Also, the attractive guys only inspire more *copulatory* orgasms. No
evidence that committed fellows cause fewer female orgasms during
foreplay and posplay than the symmetrical guys. That should seem hopeful
to women.

I think this stuff speaks to the age-old question women ask themselves
about why they're attracted so often to "assholes." The most attractive
guys are least willing to give what most women seem to want--commitment.