Re: Homophobia-- human universal?

Bryant (
23 Aug 1996 08:34:05 -0600

In article <4vhuje$>, Susan <> wrote:
>>Thanks for the clarification and help, Susan. You teach, huh?
>Yup. Does it show? I am an archaeologist by training and research
>experience, but due to some strange characteristics in my department, I
>teach mostly cultural anthropology. Oddly enough, I typically find
>cultural anthro to be more interesting reading than archaeology[...]

Hm. But, does anything ever actually get *resolved* in cultural anthro? :)

I came to UNM because Binford (and an ecologist I'd read about in the
newspaper) were here. Got here, Binford was still listed as a prof but
wasn't teaching, the ecologist was kind enough to take me on for some
independent studies, and I ended up a biologist. I'd leaned that way, but
Binford's absence (and the arrogance of much of the anthro crowd) sort of
pushed me hard enough to bother with the chem and physics and such for a
bio degree.