Re: Homophobia-- human universal?

Susan (
26 Aug 1996 16:42:35 GMT (Bryant) wrote:

>Hm. But, does anything ever actually get *resolved* in cultural anthro? :)

Ah, does anything ever really get resolved?? Will there be a point when
we in fact know everything there is to know, and won't have to learn
anymore? Or does everything we learn only reveal how much more there is
to learn. Interesting epistemological question...

>I came to UNM because Binford (and an ecologist I'd read about in the
>newspaper) were here. Got here, Binford was still listed as a prof but
>wasn't teaching, the ecologist was kind enough to take me on for some
>independent studies, and I ended up a biologist. I'd leaned that way, but
>Binford's absence (and the arrogance of much of the anthro crowd) sort of
>pushed me hard enough to bother with the chem and physics and such for a
>bio degree.

Yeah, they can be a tough bunch. Something about working directly
with humans, and having the missionary zeal to understand "the
other." As for Binford, he did a lot of good stuff, but I gather he
wasn't that great to work with-- purely gossip, mind you, but that's what
"they" say. So you might have made the right choice after all!




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