Re: Bibliography on West African Ritual and Festivities

hjc (
19 Aug 1996 22:34:43 GMT

In article <>, "David J. Minderhout" <> says:
> We are having a problem at Bloomsburg University with informed
>consent and participant observation. All faculty and student research
>with human subjects has to be approved by a Human Subjects Committee.
>This committee interprets federal guidelines to say that informed consent
>means written consent, with a signature on an approved form as proof that
>consent was given. Our current research is with Hispanic labor migrants
>who are illiterate. This committee is refusing research based on oral
>consent. Is anyone else out there having this experience? How are you
>handling it?
> Thanks. Dr. Dave Minderhout, Professor & Chairperson, Dept of
>Anthropology, Bloomsburg U., Bloomsburg, PA.