Re: Intelligence on the X chromosome

Bryant (
19 Aug 1996 00:12:52 -0600

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Matt Beckwith <> wrote:
>I wondered how long it would take for somebody to make the point that
>there really is no such thing as intelligence.
>How about doing me a favor, folks? Put that particular argument under
>a different thread title, okay? Otherwise those of us who accept the
>concept of [unitary] intelligence and are interested in discussing its
>presence on the X chromosome will have to wade through [other] debate [...]

The sexual dimorphism in the subscale scores, though, makes it
appropriate for consideration here, I think. Doesn't it? I mean,
perhaps some component of IQ was more relevant to ancestral women's fitness,
and some component was more relevant to men, explaining both the dimorphism
and the X-linkage evidence you guys were talking about.

(In other words, my point about multiple intelligences may shed light
rather than confuse matters.)